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live blogging the USA /Italy world cup game

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10:50 the italian anthem is playing and it sounds like l"la la la la la".  They cut to the audience and an Italian guy is singing in some very small underwear.  Now they're playing the US anthem and my heart is actually beating a little faster.  How much more so would it be in the stadium in Kaiserslautern?

11:59 Jon is on his second beer and it's not noon yet )

12:00  Kickoff!

12:03 the americans look more aggressive than the last game. that's a good sign although they're still playing against long odds.

12:11 Its fun to see the American  so aggressive.  They're almost drawing yellow cards on each of the challenges.  You can really see a difference made as a response to all the criticisms of "not showing up".

12:19 the eggs and cheese stuffed bread loaf goes in the oven. 

12:23 Italy gets the first goal… a header for a point while the US is trying to play the offsides game.

12:30  It doesn't get more exciting than this.  Italy scores an own goal for the US and then has a guy sent out with a red card.  You can't elbow people in the face in soccer, Italy.

12:45 no no no.  you give a red card for an elbow in the face.  you don't give a red card for a tackle that may or may not have been late.

12:53   halftime.  we switch to champagne.  brunch is almost done.

1:10  OK, this is ridiculous.  Another red card for playing soccer.  Yes, ref, tackles happen in soccer.  The game is now being played 10 guys vs 9 guys.  I'm afraid to sneeze here for fear the ref in Germany will red card me.  At least brunch turned out well.

1:23  Oh gosh.  We all just screamed for a US goal which was taken back.  More champagne.

1:41 Mimosas!

1:52 That's it.  1-1 tie.  The US still has a chance but stuff's gonna have to happen.


Written by arnold

June 18, 2006 at 11:54 pm

Posted in Sports

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  1. great blog, arnold.

    you’re getting better at typing (i don’t know what that means).

    my favourite part was when you said that you were afraid to sneeze.


    June 19, 2006 at 1:03 pm

  2. Wait! The U.S. has a soccer team?


    June 19, 2006 at 3:41 pm

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