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I’m popularizing a new phrase “How’s the temperature?”  Use it whenever you’d say “How are you doing”.  You answer how you’re doing with the appropriate weather analogy.  No?  You’d do it if Seinfeld had said it on his show.

Jerry: How’s the temperature?
George: What?  What is that?
Jerry: Oh it’s just a new thing I’m trying out.  Instead of “How are you doing,” it’s “How’s the temperature”.
George: I knew you were doing something.  I don’t like it.  No one is going to do it.  It’s not catchy like “Hellooooooooo”.
Jerry: Hellooooooo!  (pauses) Well… even that lost its glamour.
Kramer bursts in the door.
Jerry: How’s the temperature?
Kramer: (points a finger at Jerry) Sunny and warm. Sunny and warm, Jerry! (winks)
Jerry: (looks at George) See!
The doorbell rings.
Elaine: It’s me.
Jerry: Come on up.  (opens the front door)
George: (points to Kramer) This guy.  He probably thought you were talking about the actual weather.  Or bagels.
Elaine: (walks in) Hey!
Jerry: How’s the temperature?
Elaine: Steady and holding!
Jerry: I’m on to something.
George: I gotta go.


Written by arnold

July 19, 2006 at 9:13 am

Posted in Humor

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