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ff42.jpgI should have known when, only 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, I was the only person in the theater.  While I enjoy seeing movies by myself (no one asking you “who’s that” about the main character followed by the inevitable “why’s he doing that?”)(and no, seeing movies is NOT socializing!), I also do not want to feel like I’m the only one who showed up to some loser event.  Luckily, another 50 people or so showed up five minutes after the previews started (the Simpsons movie looks really really funny!).  Gotta love that Californian casualness with scheduling.

I’ll say this right away… I liked the first Fantastic Four movie.  And I realize that when you add the cast and the director, that only makes 6 of us who did.  Luckily, this movie was not as bad as the first movie.  That being said, it wasn’t so fantastic either.

The simple synopsis…. a silver dude on a surfboard surfs around the global freezing crap and making big holes.  SOMEONE has to stop him!  Our heroes stop their lives (including a wedding) to fight off the menace.  Turns out the surfer is just making a straight path in the desert for Galactus, who’s coming to eat the planet.

Sounds simple enough and if it wasn’t for things like acting, writing and execution, the movie would have pulled it off.  There’s an exposition scene early on in the movie where Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch are talking about the Invisible Woman’s feelings about the upcoming wedding.  The whole scene comes off like a scene in an acting class… the reactions are so scripted and predictable, that I expected the teacher to stop the scene because one of the actors’ tution check bounced.

Then you have dumb things like the Torch coming out of the showers with a towel on to be confronted by/tries to hit on hot army girl.  This scene stuck with me because I couldn’t get passed the fact that the room clearly marked “shower” on the door was right in the middle of the office/headquarters.  Wouldn’t that have made more sense to have been in the living area?  But I guess sometimes you need to shampoo and then send a fax.

The other disappointment was Galactus itself.  It looked like the smoke monster from Lost which is odd since I don’t smoke actually works in space.  The Silver Surfer talks to it early on but the thing is never presented to the audience as having any kind of sentience at all.  Irritatingly enough, the simple key to destroy this ancient devourer of many worlds is the same thing that destroyed the Death Star (I & II) and V’ger from Star Trek.  Lock on to the strongest power source.  That should be the power generator.  All our problems in Iraq, Iran and North Korea could be solved instantly if we just found their power generators.  Cue sweeping orchestral score and ringed explosion effect.

Still, there was a nice moral in the story that single people envy marrried people but everything is OK as long as they a good friend.  Aww….Cue single tear. 

What more could you want from a movie than that?  I had low expectations coming in so I give the movie a (very generous) B-.


Written by arnold

June 18, 2007 at 1:26 pm

Posted in Movie Reviews

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  1. Sounds like the Silver Surfer movie sucked. Bummer, too, because I thought they might actually have a chance at redeeming the train wreck that was the first one.


    June 23, 2007 at 2:49 pm

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