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So I just replaced all the faucets (Not to mention replaced the crappy flourescent light in the downstairs bathroom with a vanity light).

Part of replacing the faucets is clearing out a workspace.  Between the four cabinet spaces, I ended up throwing out two yard bag sized trash bags worth of crap.  Old cleaners, glass pieces of a light that was two chandeliers ago, one of those wooden Ikea dish dryers that every college student has, and a whole bunch of Korean barbecue accessories from the previous owner.

I also had to find a ppe wrench, which I did not have.  But I cleaned out the under the stairs closet to discover that I did not.  Why do I keep old electronics boxes?!  And I needed a flashlight wish meant I was tearing through the kitchen drawers.  I know where it’s supposed to be but alas, it is gone like my youth.  I did manage to note that I like every other home owner have a “tool” drawer that really means junk drawer and one drawer that is all full of chopsticks, fortune cookies, and soy sauce packets.

How typical.


Written by arnold

July 25, 2007 at 1:02 pm

Posted in Life in (near) LA

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  1. Shoot…Isn’t that the truth. When I moved into my condo last year, I promised myself that I would keep my cabinets and drawers organized. HAH! When I went to search for my tape to put something up for my HOA, it was gone like my youth too. (: I need to do the trash toss too.


    August 2, 2007 at 2:32 pm

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