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I’m crushing on two things right now.

 1.  My new iPhone.  Yeah, I’m coming to his party late but that’s how I roll.  (I should be saying “how I role” like everyone I know but I choose to be correct).  It has so many cool, instant functions like international clocks and five day weather forecasts for cities I designate not to mentiona  really intuitive typing/spelling function.  The only thing I don’t like is you cant text message to multiple people at once but I hear this is a fix that’s coming.  It’s smokin’ fast on my wi-fi at home and it tries to connect to other wi-fis before it goes to the (still decent) mobile wi-fi I get through AT&T.  The next feature I want to start using is the notes feature, which will soon become my to do list.

2. My Blake Lewis CD.  Sure he came in second, but his CD beats out the faux R&B or country that all American Idol winners seem to put out there.  He’s singlehandedly bringing back music in the style of the 80s (synthy, groovy and melodic).  I can hear bits of Police, Prince, Gap Band, Michael Jackson (before he went crazy), and Jermaine Stewart.  Don’t get me wrong though, Lewis has his signature style and songwriting fingerprint all over this album.  If you don’t like pop, then skip it, but if you do, this is a pure pop confection.  If you go to the link, try What’cha Got 2 Lose.  That’s one of my top 3 on this album.  (Do you do this?  Start with a top 3 and then as you listen to an album more, you get tired of the top 3 that grab you initially and then some other ones you didn’t like at first grow on you and then they supplant the original ones as your favorites.)

Oh… and one more.  So technically 3 things.

There’s a diamond store commercial using this obscure emo type song as the background music.  I still don’t care about diamonds (I once told a girl I was going out with I’d get her a tax deferred annuity instead of a ring because society ascribes value to diamonds but annuities keep giving)(yeah, that relationship didn’t go well after that, haha), but the song stuck in my head enough that I downloaded it.  It’s called Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg (unfortunate name).  Give it a try.  To me it sounds like the kind of stuff I’d love Curtis to try writing cause it fits his voice and playing style. Kinda.


Written by arnold

December 7, 2007 at 1:11 pm

Posted in Entertainment

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  1. Oh, you romantic fool, you! The tax-deferred annuity didn’t make her swoon? Doesn’t she understand the allure of compound interest?

    My friend’s husband told her that he could buy her a diamond, but what she really needed was a car, so that was her “ring” instead. So three cheers for practical guys, and the girls who get them.

    As to item #1, I’m really surprised that my brother didn’t jump on that bandwagon, since he’s usually an early adopter, as well as a lover of all things Mac. So you’re officially the only person I know with an iPhone.

    Peggy C

    December 7, 2007 at 2:37 pm

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