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Best of the Bowl (…ads, that is)

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I have had a long tradition of hosting Super Bowl parties.  The crowd that came always split down the middle…. those who were there to watch the game and those who came to watch the commercials.  This year’s bowl had a number of really great commercials.  You can still see and rate all of them here.

My Sweet Sixteen included Bud Light: Fire, Fed Ex: Pigeons, Vitamin Water: Shaq, PepsiMax: What is Love, Tide: Talking Stain, Coke: Balloon Fight, Bridgestone: Scream, Toyota: Badgers, Budweiser: Rocky, E-Trade: Baby 1 & 2, Bridgestone: Richard Simmons, Life Water: Thriller, Planter’s: Unibrow, BudLight: Wheel and T-Mobile: Hi Chuck.

MSNBC’s viewers voted Budweiser:Rocky the best, Pepsi: What is Love second and E-Trade: Baby 1 as third.  I say America doesn’t know what the heck its talking about.

The third best ad was the E*Trade Baby ad #2.  Just watching the baby stutter a sec as he’s distracted by a noise in the background, the baby saying he blew his earning on a clown and realizing too late there’s a creepiness factor.  So funny.

The second best ad was the Bridgestone Scream ad.  What more could you want?  Animals screaming in panic.  A wife screaming in panic.  And a husband cooly driving around the squirrel.  Awesome.

The best?  The Tide ad.  George and I were almost crying in hysterics over the over talking stain.  Genius.

OK, enough of that.  Now for what no one talks about… the worst ones.  Let’s not even consider the ones that didn’t even try and do something different for the Super Bowl.  The ads tried but ust kind of fell flat…. shrunken head not withstanding.  The CareerBuilder ads were just odd.  Especially the one where the heart just leaps out of the lady’s chest.  I mean I get the whole “heart isn’t in the job anymore” thing but it just looked like a scene from Saw IV… at the Office. 

The absolute worst were the Sales Genie ads.  For one thing… 100 sales leads?  Guess what that is?  It’s email spam and dinner times calls for us.  But aside from their product, the ads were just a little “off”.  First was the Indian guy who is about to get fired, tries Sales Genie and becomes an awarded employee… all the while sporting a comedian’s version of an Indian accent.  One’s first reaction…. “hmm.  that was weird.”  And then the follow up is the same basic ad, but now it’s pandas selling bamboo furniture.  And now the accent is that 1950’s chopsocky accent that every “Chinese” (read American squinting ala Jerry Lewis)  houseboy and laundry worker had in Hollywood movies.  That one left an ick factor in the room after the screen went dark.  Someone needs to put that genie back in the bottle.


Written by arnold

February 4, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Posted in Culture, Humor

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  1. Sadly, they don’t air the American commercials on overseas broadcasts. In England they don’t have commercials at all — they wouldn’t stand for it, they’re used to uninterrupted soccer. Instead, they cut to their own booth crew, which includes a British broadcaster, an American commentator who covers sports in the U.K., and, of course, Rod Woodson (huh?). The pros: they spend the five minutes replaying key plays and breaking them down in slow-mo. The cons: they’re doing this for a British audience that doesn’t know football, so you end up getting rugby analogies and real basic stuff.

    I only saw the ads on the link you provided. They lose a lot when you’re 1. by yourself, 2. watching on a two-inch window, 3. when they come pre-titled, like “Bridgestone: Richard Simmons” (you can pretty much figure out what’s coming).

    I like Shaq on a horse. I really liked that baby. And yes, the talking stain was pretty funny.

    But the bigger question here: Why no post on your beloved Patriots???

    The Kyle

    February 6, 2008 at 5:16 am

  2. Shots at the patriots…wow, things are getting ugly

    and yes, aside from this post, I would have voted hands-down for the stain commercial as the funniest (and JT getting beat up was comical as well)


    February 6, 2008 at 2:50 pm

  3. I too had to watch the American ads on the computer. We had commercials down here, but they were things like, “In Their Own Words,” where you watch has-been pros such as Bjorn Borg (forgive the absence of the funny dots – what are they called, Kyle? – over “Borg”) talk about how the sport of tennis has changed since he last played in the 1800s.

    Unfortunately, put some of the funny ones up front (the guy breathing fire and the Bridgestone screaming ad), but most of them were lame/strange (movie previews and the Saw-esque heart leaping up on the boss’ desk ads) so I missed the talking stain and E*trade baby. Ah, well, back to the internet cafe…

    And, yeah, Arnold, what DID you think about the game??? I must say that, regardless of your personal leanings, arnoldcam would be remiss without a post on one of the biggest upsets in SB history, and arguably the best SB ever. I’m waiting, sweetheart…just waiting.

    SA Cubby

    February 7, 2008 at 12:26 am

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