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Party crashing

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A friend of mine got married on Saturday.  Cute couple.  My picture caption over at Facebook says, “Dustin and Teresa get married. Imagine a baby tiger and a baby panda making a sand castle and one falls over and they both giggle until one gets hiccups. That’s how cute they were.”

I feel very lucky I got to take this picture at all though.  I woke up on Saturday and thought to myself, “OK… this is what I need to get done and it all needs to be done by 3:15 so I can be at the wedding early.  I knew the wedding was at four because luckily, I checked the invitation which said four (even though Dustin’s Facebook says it’s at 4:30, so it was lucky I double checked.)   I also noted that I didn’t RSVP which is a bummer because I have a pretty long standing policy that I RSVP as soon as I get the invite just so I don’t do this.  Anyway, all this to say I ran out of the house fairly quickly and didn’t note where the reception was.  After the wedding, I looked over someone’s shoulder and got the address.

Having an iPhone is very handy in situations like this.  I can push one button and the phone figures out where I am.  I type in the address and it shows me the quickest way there and what the traffic situation looks like.  The important part though is you want to make sure you tell the application if you want 1318 E. or 1318 W.  Cause 1318 E. puts you right by the Ontario airport right around the corner where Anakin was born.

So I got to the reception a little late.  And it was pouring down rain.  And I didn’t have a jacket.  (Hey… it was warm and not raining inside my house when I got dressed.)  So by the time I got from my car to the huge converted warehouse where the reception was, I was a little flustered, wet and in a hurry.  I ducked in the door with the balloons and streamers and found my self at Jack’s 50th Birthday party.  Wrong room…. I make a hasty exit.

That was an honest mistake and I chuckle a little as I see a few people turn and wonder “who was that?”  So I find the right door and everyone is standing and clapping amid the music.  I clap and try to get a glimpse of the festivities and I find I’ve walked into Julia’s 18th birthday/debutante.  Really?  People still have those?  Before I could muster a social critique, I remember that I’m actually here for a wedding reception, so I leave Julia to her family, friends and archaic social customs.

By this time, I’m on to Imagine That! and their multiple use party rooms.  I peek into the next door and see a DJ, streamers, a head table and lots of people partying.  I’m unconvinced though until I see the girl dressed in white and I realize I’ve finally made it.  I grab a beer and start looking for the table that tells you where to sit.  being unable to find it, I ask a nice lady near the back and she points me to a table towards the back of the room.  I look for my name.  There are a few Spanish surnames, but not mine.  In fact, they’re all Spanish surnames.  Wait a sec…. I look around and everyone is Hispanic.  I realize the festive music is mariachi music and my first thought is “Why in the world would Dustin pick a mariachi theme for his reception?”  Dustin can be kind of eclectic sometimes so I stood by the door and kind of took it all in.  Until I could see through the window that the “Gonzales Quincenera” sign had fallen off.

“What did you do then?” asked Wes when I was telling my story to all the guys at Table 5 at the reception.

“I watched the slide show and finished my beer.” 

“You finished your beer?!” someone exclaimed.

“Well… they were nice people and I didn’t just want to waste it”.


Written by arnold

March 17, 2008 at 10:50 am

4 Responses

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  1. My favorite: ‘panda…tiger…sand castle…hiccups.’

    Every time I read it I laugh.

    The Kyle

    March 17, 2008 at 11:52 am

  2. Im assuming Im the tiger…I mean, I couldn’t posssibly be the panda, right? It kind of sounds like an episode of Dora the Explorer, not that Ive ever watched it, but if I did, I imagine this would happen

    Baby Tiger

    March 20, 2008 at 9:40 am

  3. I’d say you’re the tiger. You kind of have a Hobbes thing going on.


    March 20, 2008 at 12:18 pm

  4. Mmm….Wes.


    March 24, 2008 at 10:09 pm

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