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I like the crack and peel

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I like crack and peel labels.

They’re suppose to make life easier.  They’re supposed to make life convenient.  They’re supposed to make office work fun and exciting.  OK, maybe not the last one but still, one expects more from crack and peel labels.

What are crack and peels, you innocently ask?  I’m sure you’re familiar with them but you just don’t know the formal name (like binder clips).  So for formality’s sake I’ll explain.  Crack and peels are a special kind of label.  The backs have perforations cut into the back so you crack the label and peel the backing off.  This makes sticking your label easy, breezy and exhilarating.

So, as it turns out, the cap to 10 very long days of work ended with a bunch of envelope sized mail going out and three 10 x 13 envelopes.  I quickly printed off three labels and figured I’d be done with the monster project for another 90 days.  I took the first label ad started peeling away at the corners.  No love. After wearing down all four corners, I tried bending the label to expose the crack so I could get the seam pulled apart.  Nothing.

After more edge pulling, corner bending and label rolling, the label remained in tact.  Just as I was about to give up on the almost now unpresentable label when… it happened… a seam appeared and cracked.  I pulled along the edge and got a nice clean separation from the sticker and the backing.  But I got excited too quickly.  My clean seam ripped internally, pulling the backing off the label but leaving have the backing on the label.  The only way to get off the thin remnant was to start from the other side and pull it off.  By this time though, I was getting sweaty from the 100 degree heat and the strain of label pulling.  I set the label down and turned on the little office fan I keep for such things.  The fan summarily blew the label, crookedly and greatly offset, onto one of the envelopes.  I cursed the kind of curse that the boys on Supernatural banish demons back to Hell with.  I think Latin may have been invoked.

So I struggle through the other two labels, reprint the first label and looked up only to find that 50 minutes had gone by stcking on three labels.

So what was I talking about?  Oh yeah.. how much I like crack and peel labels.


Written by arnold

May 16, 2008 at 8:08 pm

Posted in Work

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