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I’ll say this.  Without my iPod, running would be dreary.  Without my iPhone, all I’d be able to do is call people and not see how far away I was and how much traffic there was.  Without iTunes I’d be making mix CDs of my existing collection.  But there’s one thing more I want  (iWant?)

I would like to plug in my iPhone to my Macbook, my iPod to my PC on the same network, push one button and have both iTunes, the iPod and the iPhone all have the same music collection.

Nothing sucks more than buying an album and them not being able to remember what device was storing it.  (OK, well, maybe Naziism or world hunger or AIDS is worse.  But barely).  I mean sure, supergeniuses like me can manually sync everything, but why? WHY?!!!!!  It’s the flipping 21st century.  Come on, if I don’t have robots cleaning my house (don’t even think of mentioning the roomba), or flying cars or even that we still have weather… at least my purchases should sync.  Throw us a bone Apple!!!


Written by arnold

June 19, 2008 at 8:59 pm

Posted in Technology

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