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Bad week for McCain

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View the video here.

Obama’s right on top of his game when he’s talking about the economy and McCain just seems at his worst.  This latest speech really sums up McCain’s problems, eclipsing Sarah Palin’s problems with the ethics committee, the fact that Palin’s knowledge about email security is right up there with foreign affairs, that McCain flip flopped on AIG within 24 hours, that Todd Palin may have exerted unknown influence in the governor’s office, than getting eaten alive by the View ladies, or having his Blackberry invention discredited (in your face, Gore!) and even saying on the day of an 85 BILLION DOLLAR buyout of the largest insurer that the fundamentals of the economy were basically sound.

I think I’m seriously done writing about politics this week.  I mean, what else could happen to the McCain camp?


Written by arnold

September 17, 2008 at 4:45 pm

Posted in Politics

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