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OK.  Your running mate gets asked a question by someone and says something that doesn’t agree with the campaign stance.  What do you do?

If you’re John McCain you say “In all due respect, people going around and… sticking a microphone while conversations are being held, and then all of a sudden that’s—that’s a person’s position… ”

Now I know this stuff happens.  Sometimes the VP candidate has different ideas than the President and he or she says something that has to then be corrected by the campaign to accurately represent the platform.  But saying that what a person says into a mic is not their position?  Surely someone could have come up with better damage control than that, couldn’t they?

PS… I’m really looking forward to Thursday!

PPS… So what’s next for the McCain camp to do to keep distracting the American public?  Force Levi Johnston to step up for the good of the campaign.


Written by arnold

September 28, 2008 at 7:33 pm

Posted in Politics

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