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Campaign buzzwords to retire

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I wish I had written this.  The idea had been stewing but this came out today and saved me the trouble of being witty, urbane and droll.  (That gets exhausting after awhile.  It’s like soccer).

So… onto the buzzwords that need to be retired.

  • Change: As in, change the channel now.
    – this doesn’t bother me so much. Although, I’m used to only seeing that word in pale blue against a dark blue background.
  • Hockey mom: We’re not in Alaska any more.
    – the term is soccer mom.  Hockey is a sport played in Neo Canadian states.
  • Joe the Plumber: He’s not a licensed plumber, not named Joe.
    – I hope to never see these three words together again.  We should be thankful we never saw plumber’s crack.
  • Straight talk: A political oxymoron.
    – Did we ever get any of this?
  • Maverick: James Garner is not running.
    – I have this weird urge to drink a shot when I hear this word now.
  • Pitbull: Some imagery is just not politically savvy.
    – agreed.  Especially the image of one with lipstick.
  • Undecided: Increasingly becoming a decision.
    – seriously.  These are the people who stand at the ice cream case with the door open sweating as they consider Vanilla Swiss Almond or Chunky Monkey
  • Joe Six-Pack: Highly insensitive to beer-swilling liberal elites.
    – this was supposed to indicate everyday people.  Who drinks a six pack a day.  I call those people “alcoholics”.
  • My friends: How many Americans has John McCain even met?
    – every time I hear him say this I keep thinking I’m in the Roman senate.  Maybe McCain is reminiscing 😀

Written by arnold

November 4, 2008 at 3:50 pm

Posted in Humor, Politics

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  1. Who drinks a six pack a day. I call those people “alcoholics”.

    I call that “my neighbor who can shovel down a six pack of Tecate like nobody’s business…”


    November 5, 2008 at 9:57 pm

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