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OK, that’s it. The curtain has dropped, the fat lady has sung and Madonna has left the stadium… the election is over.

Regardless of who you vote for, if you were following the election intently, you’re bound to be in for some postpartum depression or as I’m referring to it, Post Election Syndrome. For me, PES is manifesting in my fruitless checks on poll numbers, updates to CNN and tracking candidate campaign stops.

I didn’t realize how often I was checking the news sites until, over the weekend, I realized I kept clicking on CNN, Newser, BBC, and other sites to see if they had updates. Oddly, and yet predictably, the news sites were no longer showing changes every fifteen minutes but at the more natural pace of a line or two every hour. Life has slowed down. I’m no longer in a position where I can think about the last thing Person X said about Topic Y or watching Person T get parodied on Website U(tube.).

So now I go back to thinking in terms of workdays not news cycles, counting down time to the next holiday instead of the next debate, and separating my friends by “degree of fun to hang around with” rather than “red or blue”.

Slowly I exhale. And I detox slowly. I still get my hits on left over politics…. Sarah Palin is still responding to every last bitter comment and Obama is setting up his government. Rush Limbaugh is more bitter (if that’s possible) and there’s still the NBC collection of SNL skits through the years still on my DVR. And I can keep sayin’ Maverick!


Written by arnold

November 10, 2008 at 12:44 pm

Posted in Politics

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