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Round about this time I’d be gushing about the great ads on the Super Bowl.  Not this year.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the white knuckle, not over til it’s over football game, the whole thing would have been a waste of a gorgeous afternoon.

The ads this year were fairly depressing and a mark of the bad economic times.  Denny’s offered a laugh-free free breakfast.  One car company said if you lose your job, you can turn your new car back in.  Still another said if your boss calls you “dummy” regularly, you’re crying all the time or you’re working next to toe jam picking, speedo wearing hairy co-worker guy, then it’s time for a new job (Most of us would agree).

The most depressing of all was the Gold for Cash commercial.  Jon Stewart said this wasn’t a Super Bowl commercial but a 3 am “I Dream of Jeannie” marathon commercial and I whole heartedly agree.  What was especially sad was seeing former well to do stars Ed McMahon and MC Hammer hocking their personal belongings for cash.  Remember when Ed was giving people checks for five million dollars?  Now he’s crying over melting down his gold toilet.  And Hammer is sending in his Grammies for Twenties.

Thanks for the non-laughs this year Big Corporations.  (Don’t hurt’em Hammer!)


Written by arnold

February 3, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Posted in Entertainment, Sports

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