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25 Random Things

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You’ve read about the 25 things post going around Facebook.  Users post 25 random things about themselves and tag 25 people to do a similar post.  I’ve been tagged so many times that I feel like I should do one of these… so here are 25 random things.

1. I’ve owned two dogs in my life.  A German Shephard mutt and a yellow Labrador.  One in elementary school and one now.  The lab’s cousin, a chocolate lab, belongs to my brother.

2. I don’t like using the toilet at work.  Someone invariably walks in.  People try and talk to you over the walls… (that’s the worst). I once drove home from LA to South Pasadena to go and then drove back to work.

3. I’ve been to England (2x), France (2x), Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Valenzuela, Mexico (3x), and the Philippines.  I’ve also been to Hawaii (5x), Oregon (more than 10 times), Washington (3x), Nevada (more than 10x), Utah, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Vermont (2x) & New Hampshire (2x).

4. I think some of the best TV shows aren’t being watched… Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, as examples.  I think Heroes used to be great but now has lost its way.  Same with Prison Break.  I wish Friends and Seinfeld and the X-Files were still on.  I saw a live taping of Seinfeld once.

5.  I can give you a couple of lines from any Friends episode (that’s ten years people) if you can give me the main plot line.

6. I always exhale when I let go of the bowling ball.  Never inhale.

7. I am totally ready for the changeover to digital TV.

8. I worked for a nonprofit for 8 years.  The whole time I was there I owned one pair of sneakers and one pair of nice shoes.  It’s great to do nonprofit work but the pay will get you rent, TopRamen and enough to save for the next pair of shoes.

9. To this day, Top Ramen makes me sad to eat because it makes me think I’m three days away from payday.

10. I’ve been friends with George since 1985.

11. One Sunday I got a coffee, got an egg mcmuffin, ordered a sofa, stopped at the pet store, and got another Starbucks.  And then got home and noticed I had toothpaste all over my right cheek.

12. I once woke up late, drove in to work, stopped for a hamburger, got to work, parked the car and finished the last bite while dropping ketchup all over my white shirt.  I got out, walked through the building, and started walking to the Beverly Center with my right hand over my heart.  I thought I was clear until I ran into my work girlfriend coming back from Starbucks who asked me if I was practicing the pledge of allegiance.

13. I finally asked out my work girlfriend.  We went out for a bite, saw Saving Private Ryan and we so shell shocked that we said good night and “see you tomorrow”. Not the best date movie.

14. I’ve only driven 5 cars in my life.  The current one is the best.

15. My brothers and I once took a pair of pants, a shirt and a hat and made a dummy out of the clothes and lawn clippings.  Somehow the dummy made it out to the middle of the street and an hour later a whole line of police cars came and slowly went up the street side by side.

16. I would like to say my favorite movies of all time are The Godfather or Shindler’s List or Casablanca.  The fact is, I think it’s Star Wars of Lord of the Rings.

17.  I, along with someone equally sad, can start a line from Star Wars:A New Hope and keep quoting lines, line by line, for several scenes.  We don’t know how far we can go because we’re usually stopped by the other people in the car.

18. I know 4 little people who can legally call me Uncle Arnold, and two more who actually do.

19. My top five meals in my life have all been birthday outings except for one.  A Swiss chef was opening a restaurant for the winter seasons and he was practicing for the opening.  The waiter spoke to us in any language you spoke to him in.  We tried to stump him with Spanish, French, Italian, a little German and, of course, English.  He had no problem switching back and forth.  The food was amazing; the desserts even more so and after dinner we sat on benches in a meadow high in the Alps.  We finished the night watching the full moon rise among the peaks.

20. I’ve been a busboy, a photographer’s assistant, a pizza maker, a bookkeeper, a music instrument salesman, a newspaper boy.  These are in no order.  And one year I turned in five W2s to the government.

21. I can’t sit high up in the nosebleeds without fighting the urge to jump over the railing.  I also one day want to throw a shake at a limo.

22. I used to get random nosebleeds when I was a kid and then just grew out of them.

23. My favorite games right now are Scrabble and Killer Bunnies.  My favorite sports to play are football and baseball.

24. I had no idea I liked football so much because I was not allowed to play when I was a kid because we had no insurance and my mom was convinced I’d get hurt and have to go to the hospital.

25. The superpower I’d most like to have is control over electricity.  If I could instantly have any one skill, it would be to dance like Kevin Bacin in Footloose or Zac Efron in HSM.  I wish I had not just mentioned High School Musical.  I don’t like eggplant.  I do like deviled eggs.  X is the scariest roller coaster I’ve ever ridden in my life.  I don’t cry at movies.  I like the new Plain White Ts song 1 2 3 4 and wish I had a girl to sing it to.  I’ve played in more weddings more than most people have attended.  I’ve been a groomsman or a best man in at least 15 weddings.  I’ve performed 5 weddings and no funerals.  My hair has been three different colors.  I played piano at my grandmother’s funeral… the only person in my family who was alive when I was born who has died to this point.  My favorite color is blue and I pretty much only wear blue, white, tan and am getting used to wearing green.  I like Abercrombie but not Hollister.  The last girl I kissed was some random girl at a country concert in the 909.  I used to burn ants with magnifying glasses, stepped on a sparkler (more than once), and can sail a boat.


Written by arnold

February 11, 2009 at 12:36 am

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