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P2P monitoring company loses plans via P2P

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What does this mean?  It means this one company, Tiversa, specializes in monitoring the transfer of files via peer to peer networks and helps entities feel secure about the confidentiality of their information.  Their website says “Do you know who’s exposing your data on the P2P?  We do.”

Ahhhh… finally companies and governmental agencies can feel secure, right?

Well, ironically, CNET is reporting that Tiversa found a defense contractor managed to allow the transfer sensitive files about avionics package and complete blueprints of Marine One, the president’s helicopter, to an IP address in Iran.  How?  A peer to peer network like LimeWire or Bearshare.  Some employee was probably downloading movies at work and you know the rest.


Written by arnold

March 2, 2009 at 9:45 am

Posted in Technology

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