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7 Countries with Low Cost Graduate Schools

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My friend Maria posted a link on 7 countries that offer low cost grad school.

I’m not much interested in attending grad school as I am commenting on other countries and people.  For instance… check out the girl they use as the lead picture in the article.  Why is it that most girls looking to get grad school degrees look like they spend too much time with books and not enough time with a comb?

Here’s a recap.

Spain – $2000 a year.  Upside: tapas.  Downside: It’s not too different from being in southern California.  It’s warm sunny and everyone speaks Spanish.

France –  190 euro a year. Upside: You’re in a center of intellectual thought for centuries.  Downside: It’s France.

Sweden: – Free.  Upside: saunas! Downside:  Is there one?

Germany – 100-500 euro a year.  Upside: You get to say things like “Sie gibt ihm das Euro” in a low voice*.  Downside: It’s pretty German there.  You’re gonna have to know the language.

Singapore: $4000 a year.  Upside: It’s cheaper than the US.  Downside: One word: Caning.

Mexico: $1000 a year.  Upside: Best place in the world to study Latin American studies.  Downside: Are people going to take a degree from Corona U seriously?

South Africa: $4000 a year.  Upside: grad students can live in greater luxury here than most places.  Downside: Lions.


*Joke from German class.  We were doing a follow along reading and the narrator meant the line as an aside, reading the line quickly and in a low voice.  The class, naturally, mimicked his inflection and then laughed as one.  There you go… let it never be said I never explain inside jokes.


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March 26, 2009 at 9:18 am

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