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If Paul Twittered to the Romans…

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A friend is doing a fun experiment.  What if the Book of Romans had been twittered to them?  From Kyle’s site:

Our church is spending 16 weeks on Romans. Our pastor reminded us today that a work like Romans may take a little extra effort for us today, due to our Twitter-sized attention spans and Paul’s wordy style of argumentation.

It got me wondering, how would Romans look if Paul used twitter instead of papyri to communicate his thoughts? In what may end up being a weekly installation, here’s Romans 1:

hey tweeps. tweeting 4 JC & god’s good news (backtweet: prophets). thx 2 god 4U all.
good news! got faith? UR saved by god! no faith? he leaves U 2 UR own messed up mind.

Any other attempts at Romans 1? 140 characters will make you read very carefully for Paul’s main point. Not a bad exercise if you like looking for the big picture in this dense, lengthy letter.

There’s already some fun comments there. Join in… he’ll love the participation. Or follow @ToTheRomans on Twitter.


Written by arnold

May 7, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Posted in Religion

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