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Star Trek review

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I have this friend who’s a little bit of a grumpus when it comes to humor.  He likes obvious humor like old people falling down but he’s highly against puns.  I only bring this up because the original series Star Trek was kind of like a pun, you enjoyed it a little but you kind of rolled your eyes as well.  (In case any one is wondering I think the best to worst went:  Voyager, Enterprise, Next Generation, Original Series, Deep Space Nine.  That’s an overall listing, I think original series was better than the hammy Next Generation, but NG did have Picard… possibly the finest starship captain in Starfleet.).

So… Star Trek.  My review: go see it.  JJ Abrams brings an excellent sense of timing, humor, and character to a crew we are only just seeing meet.  In the movie, something happens in the beginning (that very neatly explains away any anomalies between Star Trek canon and future Abrams movies.) that basically keeps you holding your breath for 12 minutes.

The rest of the movie offers the familiar and twists you don’t expect.  Kirk and Spock don’t like each other?  Kirk is not captain?  and the matter that Spock doesn’t care to comment on?  Neat stuff.

As you can tell I’m being purposefully vague with the story, because I really want you to see it.  But look for the tribble that’s in the movie.  I understand it’s in Scotty’s first scene… when I go back again, I’m definitely looking for it!  You’ll also notice that the one red shirt that goes on an away mission… well… that hold up true as well.  So go enjoy and boldly go where no Star Trek movie has gone before!


Written by arnold

May 11, 2009 at 4:38 pm

Posted in Movie Reviews

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  1. phil collins likes puns.

    the kyle

    May 12, 2009 at 6:20 am

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