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Why Adam Lambert Lost

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I was going through my news sites RSS feeds and saw this headline from Fox (ugh) News…

Kris Allen’s “American Idol” Victory Marks the Return of People of Faith to American Popular Music

As a person of faith, I’d like to say this: I hate this kind of crap.  Essentially the author of the article is making a false assumption that religious people have been flocking back to American Idol and the pop world, we assume, after some unmeasured hiatus.  As a result, the people of faith backed the worship leader (guy who does the singing at church) as opposed to the secular guy.

First I’ll point out this guy has no actual statistics on the viewing habits of religious people and their alleged return to American Idol.  His opinion (and headlining article) are based on posts on his Facebook page and that he’s witnessed several people urging fellow Christians to vote for the worship leader.

I don’t think religious people have gone anywhere with regards to the pop world.  Just like when you buy a new car and suddenly you’re aware of all the other cars of the same make on the freeway… there aren’t suddenly more Volvos on the road, it’s just that you never saw paid attention before.

Granted there may be some of the more conservative faction that wouldn’t vote for Adam because of perceptions they have about his lifestyle, I think Christians, if they voted as a block at all, would have voted for Kris because of his style.  The way he sings sounds like a very good and talented worship leader at the mic and the whole sitting at the piano or standing at the mic with his guitar just reinforces the image.  In other words, they voted for who they felt comfortable and familiar with.

Further, it’s funny how democracy “falls apart” in close races when your candidate loses.  Remember how some Hillary people screamed that democracy doesn’t work, the election was fixed and Hillary was robbed?  Sound familiar?  Short of the independent accounting firm fixing the vote, the contest came down to measuring votes and the winner got the most.  In fact, I’m going to say this contest was probably not close.  The prior week, they mentioned how two of the guys were separated by only a million votes in an 80 million vote contest.  No such mention this time around.  My guess is all the Matt and Danny fans all solidified around Kris and people with no opinion prior may have leaned to the guy who grew during the show, not the guy who kept the same level throughout the season.

So nobody got robbed.  Nothing was fixed.  And if your guy lost, well, maybe you should have called in a few more times.


Written by arnold

May 22, 2009 at 10:15 am

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