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What I Learned Watching Transformers II

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Saw Transformers II yesterday.  Special Effects- Great.  Megan Fox-Great, Rest of the movie-Not so great.  I did learn a few things though and here they are in no particular order:

1.  When the Army tells you that a city has been evacuated, that only means for 10 minutes.  After that the city will be teeming with people, cars and robots.

2.  If a girl that’s clearly out of your leagues has the hots for you, check if she’s a robot.

3. The Smithsonian has a door in the flight museum that opens up to an airfield in Arizona.

4. No one or thing ever dies for real.

5. There’s a robot heaven and people can go there.

6. It’s OK to directly steal scenes like Aragon’s vision of Arwen when he almost dies from Lord of the Rings or the scene from War of the Worlds when the son tells Tom Cruise “You’ve go to let me go”.

7. When you tell your Autobot/first car to take your parents to safety, you need to specify for how long or they’ll just come back in the next scene.

8. The Pyramids were designed to mimic Orion’s Belt (which is actually true) and following the belt will take you east to Petra.  Not into space or the southwest, where the belt actually points. (‘ll concede this one’s a bit nerdy).

9. Search your clothing for ancient artifacts before you hang them up in the closet.

10.  Sometimes two and a half hours can actually feel longer than that.


Written by arnold

July 3, 2009 at 11:56 am

Posted in Movie Reviews

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