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It’s the seventh sign of the apocalypse!!

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“a disastrous move”

“how disappointing”

“Why oh why oh why… idiots”

“This just plain sucks”

“If you don’t like it, sign the petition…”

“It’s the seventh sign of the apocalypse!!”

What could possibly have caused all this vitriol, you wonder?  The Ikea catalog has switched from Futura to Verdana.

Here’s the Futura font…

And here’s the Verdana font…

Ikea responds: “We’re surprised,” the Ikea spokeswoman Camilla Meiby said. “But I think it’s mainly experts who have expressed their views, people who are interested in fonts. I don’t think the broad public is that interested.”

This whole uproar makes me laugh because it’s so reminiscent of so many situations in life.  Some small group of people feel really strongly about something and they go to all extremes to demonize what they’ve come to hate.  And then, no matter how small the group, the amount of righteous rage makes it newsworthy.  Sound familiar?

This also reminds me of when my guitar player friends ask me “do you like this tone (followed by loud distorted noodling)? or this one better (followed by loud distorted noodling)?  If you’re wondering, my response is always the same “Play the first one again.  OK, now the second one.  Dude, definitely the second one.”  To me, it’s just Futura and Verdana.


Written by arnold

September 6, 2009 at 6:48 am

Posted in Technology

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