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The last few weeks have been pretty good, if you’re the type looking for human train wrecks.  I thought with the number of faux pas and mea culpas, it was time for a recap.  Obviously, a column like this has got to start out with Tiger Woods.

Name: Tiger Woods
Offense: Cheated on his wife numerous times
History: After becoming the butt of jokes after he drove a hundred yards or so from his house and crashed a tree, a golf clubbed Tiger Woods acknowledged cheating.
arnoldcam take: Seriously.. who cares?  If Tiger was a moral leader or a political leader, I could see the uproar as being deserved.  At this point, I think most of the “furor” is being driven by the media.  I just saw a poll of people reacting to Tiger’s latest press conference and 60% of the people polled didn’t care.  Personally, I’d like to see that number be higher.  If Tiger had “sinned against us” by cheating golf rules or using illegal clubs, i could see this Tiger backlash as being deserved.  This sin though was against Elin Woods and it’s her reaction alone that has any importance.  For the rest of us, any opinion is just hot air.

Name: John Mayer
Offense: Accused of making racist comments in a magazine interview
History: In interviews with Playboy and Rolling Stone,  Mayer makes derogatory remarks about Jessica Simpson, uses the n word, calls a body part a white supremacist
arnoldcam take: Being an ass is definitely part of Mayer’s problem here but it really isn’t the main problem.  The main problem is that Mayer is part of the internet generation.  His Twitter account gives millions (literally) a direct view into his thoughts and he’s happy to share them.  He tweets thoughts and jokes that would be acceptable between close friends but not acceptable to the world.  Being part of the internet generation, Mayer believes it’s acceptable to live life in the spotlife and doesn’t suspect a trap when Playboy asks “Do black women throw themselves at you?”  His responds a bit too openly and casually by basically saying his manhood was a white supremacist but wanted to develop preferences apart from his manhood’s.  The rest of it is similar… using emotionally charged imagery which seemed OK talking between he and the interviewer but horribly wrong in the edited for sensation, sound bite driven world of the media and internet.  Personally, I think he’s learned his lesson this time judging by the profound silence on his twitter account and the emotional tear filled apology in the middle of a concert.

Name: Scotty Lago
Offense: Racy pictures showed up after he won the gold
History: Hours after his skateboarding event, Lago was photographed with a girl biting his medal and then doing the same as it hangs from his belt.  In the aftermath, Lago returned home to the US, missing the closing ceremony.
arnoldcam take: Really?  This is basically a college kid.  Was anyone surprised there was a little bit of revelry after a gold medal win?  A slap on the wrist seems more appropriate, but having the gold medal winner miss the closing ceremony seems draconian.


Written by arnold

February 21, 2010 at 7:46 pm

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