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I can’t even watch American Idol anymore this season.  The top 12 people on the show right now could easily be outsung by people in your LA/NY karaoke bars or many of the singers in your local church band or choir.  What I’m learning though is people who watch American Idol (people apart from me) are not looking for the best singer (despite the judges’ insistence this is a singing contest).  They are looking for a performer… they want looks, style, stage presence.  It’s why the theatrics of Adam Lambert almost beat out the simple talent of Kris Allen.

My personal favorite got voted out in the final 16 round.  I thought he had the most unique voice and I actually appreciated his humility.  I’m posting this in the hopes that continued exposure will land this kid a recording contract.

Alex explains his Idol experience here:

And an original he played backstage at the Ellen show:


Written by arnold

March 18, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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