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I’m technically a numbers guy…  which puts my life in the hard and fast world of data entry, analysis and reporting.  So you can imagine why I like doing music and photography and other non-numerical pursuits in my free time.  Last night I spent some time working on a neglected skill set… video editing.  Boy that’s fun stuff.  It’s tedious and monotonous and if you’re like me, there’s tons of nitpicking involved.  Just for fun, I made a promo video for a friend who’d been on the second season of The Sing Off and sent it to him.  He liked it and asked to post it which I, of course, declined 🙂  Needed more work…. which I was willing to put in.  The added tweaks did a lot to make the video seem more interesting I thought.  If you’re interested, you can view it…

If you’re interested (and I only know of one arnoldcam reader who might be), here’s what I did.

On the first text slide, added two sound files, a bit of the chorus from  the Sing Off group number “Use Somebody” and crowd noise.  The song ends with the slide and the applause fades into the first clip.

Grabbed three clips from the show and cross faded them.  A little tricky since I had to use the small screen on the software on the capturing computer since the I was outputting the video from the first computer and was sending all video externally.  (I couldn’t look at that first computers screen at all).

Grabbed judge comments from same way.  These clips are older than the song clips… you can see the color is less saturated and there’s a little screen lag.  I did all these the same way so I’m not sure why there was a difference.  What I need is a real video editing station 😀

The next text slide was initially silent.  I dropped in a stock sound from iMovie.  The result was a more dynamic 2.8 seconds than before.  Really cool what just a little sound can do to bring energy to a still slide.

The next bits are the finished song videos.  Wish I could take credit for all the multiple screens and quick cuts but they were just part of the finished products.  The editing part here is trying to find interesting parts of the songs that can stand alone and yet only be snippets.

So I’m learning a few things.  The next step is get Final Cut Pro… then the real challenges begin.


Written by arnold

March 25, 2011 at 10:53 am

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