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Historically Hardcore

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I don’t know if these ads are legit or not but they make me want to visit the Smithsonian anyway


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March 21, 2011 at 10:33 am

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Return to Sender

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I would like to believe that I could do this but the fact is I’m not spontaneous to just fly to Europe.  (Well, once).  This is a story of a guy that found a roll of film, posted the developed pictures  on the internet, found the owners and returned the pictures in person.  In Paris.

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March 9, 2011 at 3:24 pm

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Jesus Likes Art

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I had to drop something off at a museum for work.  While I was there a man dressed as Jesus walked in.  He was 6’2″ at the very least with the long hair and beard that is traditional in the contemporary rendering of Jesus.  He also wore a  long tunic of rough material and Birkenstocks.  The receptionist did not even blink but instead smiled brightly and said “Hi, Jesus.”

I, of course, had to get a picture… and I wish that picture was less fuzzy but you get the idea.  I sent the picture on to some friends of mine and, as they say, hilarity ensued.  (Hilarity to me anyway).

A: At a museum in Beverly Hills.  Jesus is here.

E: I WONDERED where he had gone off to.

G: He is very blurry.  Just like my dreams.

A: He’s 6’2″ at least.  Frank Zappa quality to him.  A lot of the art here has catholic imagery… there may be a moneychangers incident.

E: You should ask him if he’s ever mothered any invention.  You used a lower case “c”.  Do you mean “universal” imagery?

A: If Christ is omnipresent, then yes.

G: Ask him about John 14:13-14.  I have always wondered how to interpret it.

E: If I knew this thread was going to involve hard-core theology I would’ve opted out long ago.

G: If you hold to either transubstantiation or consubstantiation then u r good to go.

A: I believe communion is a beautiful symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice but not his actual flesh and blood.

E: Maybe in the Catholic world but not the catholic world.

G: Consubstantiation is a Protestant view.  Luther would agree.  This thread is hilarious.

E: He used to be Catholic.  He’s been struck down in the luminous presence of the almighty Word.  Or he just went out for a burrito.

A: Actually that’s true.  I’m at Chipotle next to where Jesus is.

G: A burrito with Jesus? Awesome.

A: He said no.  Apparently he only breaks bread not tortillas.

E: You think he’s a Cholula guy or Tapatio fan?  I know a Mexican named Jesus (read: Hey-soos) that breaks tortillas.  Oddly he is not Catholic.

A: That’s a neat trick.

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January 25, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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The end of personal blogs?

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Has Facebook ended the usefulness of personal blogs?

There was a time when I blogged on this site almost daily.  This last lull has been the longest on record for the eight (at least) years this blog has been going.  And you can blame Facebook.

FB’s given everyone the ability to microblog with the inclusion of the status update feature.  It used to be a simple “Arnold is at home” or “Arnold is not happy right now”.  With the removal of the word “is”, FB invited the world to write more… and write they did.  Even today, the top of my feed says “We are the heirs of President Kennedy, who showed us what is possible. Because of his vision, more people prospered, more people served, and our union was made more perfect. Because of that vision, I can stand here as President of the United States.”  This is also joined by “teeth cleaned and polished.”

I’ve also noticed there is a marked attention span difference between visitors of a personal blog and the rapid checking of a FB account.  Imported (also… longer, more thoughtful) blog posts to FB don’t stand a chance next to cat videos, FB check ins (glad to know you’re at the dry cleaners) and weather bragging.

So here I am again.  Let’s do this.

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January 21, 2011 at 12:41 pm

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We can’t win anything

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It’s a national curse I think.  Filipinos never win.  In this case, it’s because she started talking.  Ell Oh Ell.

“Thank you so much sir for that wonderful question. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Good evening Las Vegas. You know what sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say there is nothing major major, I mean problem that I have done in my life because I am very confident with my family with the love that they are giving to me so thank you so much that I am here. Thank you thank you so much.”


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August 24, 2010 at 11:50 am

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Highly recommended

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A friend of mine went to Africa recently to film an endeavor some of his classmates were participating in.  Highly recommend watching this inspirational and extremely well filmed video on building sustainable businesses in Africa:

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June 16, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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Did you learn anything?

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The voice in this new Nike ad belongs to Earl Woods, Tiger’s dad who died in 2006.  It’s not clear where the audio is from but it’s being used in this ad in a very provocative manner.  What do you think of the use?  Is it fair of Nike to use?  What does this do for Nike and Tiger’s respective brands?  Does your feeling towards Nike or Tiger change any?

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April 7, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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